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Superior geothermal system installation services

Geothermal closed-loop heat exchange system installation process

Step 1: Drilling - Drilling holes, installation of heat exchange pipe, and grouting holes in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health code.

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  • Set up - Equipment is brought to the site prior to drilling. There are several pieces of large equipment that need to be in place for the entire process to go efficiently.

  • Drilling - State-of-the-art Rotary Drill Rig with a 4 1/2- to 5 3/4-inch bit used for the vertical drilling. Geology and soil types are taken into careful consideration. These considerations along with the stability of the hole will determine the time it will take for installation. Certain soil types such as rocky or gravel take the longest to stabilize.

  • Installing loop pipes - ASTM & NSF certified 160 PSI CEN-FUSE poly pipe will be installed. The pipe comes factory-fused to a bottom-patented “U-Bend” for the best installation downhole. Each loop is then filled with clean water and tested for leaks to ensure proper usage prior to installation.

  • Grout holes with bentonite - One of the most important concerns is protecting the water supply aquifers. Keeping this in mind, each hole is skillfully bentonite grouted as per the Minnesota Department of Health code. This process also provides the best possible heating and cooling transfer.

Step 2: Extending vertical heat loops - The vertical heat loops are extended horizontally into mechanical

room of the desired building.

  • Socket fusing pipes - At a pre-determined date, we return to the job site with our tools, equipment, and materials to run the rest of the pipe from each of the vertical holes, horizontally into the mechanical room. An on-site excavator will machine trench from the building out past the vertical holes. Each hole will have a “socket fuse” of the vertical pipes to the horizontal pipes and continue through each one over into the mechanical room.

  • Backfilling - After all pipes are connected and run into the mechanical room, the pipes are carefully hand covered with clean, rock-free sand, and backfilling of the trench is observed.

  • Connection - The last step is for the mechanical heating or cooling contractor to take over and connect loop pipes to the heating or cooling units.

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